We need more Elves!

Every year, hundreds of Santa letters written by children in need are mistakenly addressed to an apt on W. 22nd Street in Manhattan. Far far away from the North Pole. 

But every year, Jim and Dylan, become Santa's elves and fulfill these letters with help from an army of elves that are Miracle on 22nd Street.

With more letters coming in, and more elves joining up, it is time to turn Miracle on 22nd Street into an organization dedicated to helping every child get their Christmas wish. 

Please give anything you can and join this global movement of real life elves and holiday heroes.  

The donations will be put towards workshop operations (e.g. buying gifts). If all of our letters are fulfilled, yay!, we will work to find more letters and more ways to be the best elves we can be. You can also start your own fundraiser below!

Merry Christmas!


Meet some of Santa's Real Life Elves

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